We build modular, mini-power stations 1MW to 100MW.

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Designing Reliable Mini Power Stations Since 1981
Since 1981
BESST has built a reputation as trusted architects of mini power stations.

By creating modular designs, we can provide clients with mini power stations that can be deployed and produce power quickly. Plus, our focus on simple, efficient, and effective designs allows us to create mini power stations with exceptional availability and reliability.

Flexibility is at the heart of our system, allowing us to accommodate a diverse range of configurations, including diesel fuelled mini power stations, gas fuelled mini power stations, and hybrid power stations with a mix of generators with solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter energy systems (IES), and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Our Services
We build modular, mini power stations. The concept is simple. Modular units are combined to form modular power blocks. The modular power blocks are easily grouped together to form the mini power station according to the output required.

The modular units and modular power blocks are easily scalable. The modular units allow flexibility in the configuration of the mini power station, to cover the entire breadth of our clients’ mini power station requirements.

The modular mini power stations are fully automated for unattended operation.

We provide additional services for grid connected mini power stations. These services will help you in achieving your grid connection approval. These services cover the technical and engineering inputs for grid connection applications, design certification reports and generation authority applications.

Diesel fuel generators

Gas fuel generations

Solar photo voltaic (PV) electric generators

Inverter energy systems (IES)

Wind generators

Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

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Latest Projects

The modular concept is the latest innovation in the evolution of our mini power station design. It makes it possible for renewables to be seamlessly integrated into conventional mini power stations. The benefits are lower operating costs, lower installation costs, simpler operation and improved availability.

The following projects are currently in operation. They were built based on our design for the traditional type of mini power station.

Application Role Units Fuel Output
Oil & gas industry Stand alone 4 x 1.2 MW
2 x 0.75 MW
Natural gas Diesel 11 kV
Mining Stand alone 4 x 2 MW Diesel 11 kV
Oil & gas industry Stand alone 6 x 0.13 MW Natural gas 0.4 kV
Oil & gas industry Standby 3 x 1.3 MW Diesel 6.6 kV
Industry Standby & grid augmentation 1 x 1.4 MW Diesel 0.4 kV
Utility Black start & power export 1 x 3.6 MW Natural gas 3.3 kV
APP Oil & gas industry Mining
ROLE Stand alone Stand alone
UNITS 4 x 1.2 MW 2 x 0.75 MW 4 x 2 MW
FUEL Natural gas Diesel Diesel
OUTPUT 11 kV 11 kV
APP Oil & gas industry Oil & gas industry
ROLE Stand alone Standby
UNITS 6 x 0.13 MW 3 x 1.3 MW
FUEL Natural gas Diesel
OUTPUT 0.4 kV 6.6 kV
APP Industry Utility
ROLE Standby and grid augmentation Black start and power export
UNITS 1 x 1.4 MW 1 x 3.6 MW
FUEL Diesel Natural gas
OUTPUT 0.4 kV 6.6 kV