What we do

Our clients work in unforgiving environments, so they need high-quality power that is reliable and efficient, in rain or shine, above ground or under.

At BESST, we provide power station solutions to a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, mining, oil, and gas, as well as those in off-grid communities and off-shore islands.

Time is money, so we make our modular generator control system (MGCS) for powertrains faster, easier, and more cost-effective to design, construct, and install.

For clients in remote areas, such as mines or industrial facilities, our remote power stations offer reliable available power to help them power up without letting them down.

Finally, we can customise solutions according to our clients’ exact specifications. So we have them covered regardless of the amount of power they need, and whether they prefer thermal generation or renewable sources.

Grid-Connected Mini Power Stations

In this application, the mini power station provides dispatchable generation that can be used in several different roles, such as:

  • Grid augmentation –to support the capacity of the distribution network e.g. weak grids
  • Grid resilience – to support the availability of the distribution network i.e. to reduce the risk of black out.
  • Peak power lopping – to reduce the load on the distribution network during peak demand.
  • Power export – as a generation authority for the grid.
  • Standby power – the mini power station is brought online if there is an outage of the grid.
Standalone Mini Power Stations

In this application, the mini power station is off-grid, usually in a remote location.  It provides electrical power for a dedicated load.  The mini power station is the prime source of power.  Hybrid mini power stations have been shown to provide advantages in lower fuel consumption and improved reliability.

Mini Power Stations for Microgrids
In this application, the mini power station is an integral part of a microgrid. The microgrid control system is embedded in the controller for the mini power station to provide maximum resilience and availability.